In order to keep up with the new way of thinking around the idea of environmental protection, the design team has spent three years to research and develop a challenging and yet simple environmental education package. 


This program combines the use of trendy stickers, handicraft arts, and dazzlingly colourful design to create a vivid image of the environmentally friendly bird FLAPPY.  Using creative ideas to inspire students' spontaneity and creativity enables a multi-faceted pursuit of environmentalism. 


The educational DIY FLAPPY STICKER KIT is made of waterproof, durable, easy to use material that is approved by European and United States environmental testing agencies and does not contain any "16P" PVC material.


Cultivate environmental awareness, all starting from the heart.

Foster resolve - no hesitation, determined to promote environmental protection.

Heart-shaped wings – transforming environmental protection ideas into strength, wholeheartedly inspiring the world

The "FLAP!" neckwear - flapping wings and taking action, promoting a progressive  and environmentally friendly life.