Partner: Lok Chi Association

Venue: Tai Wo Hau Plaza

FLAPPYLAND joined hands with Lok Chi Association (Organisation caring for mentally disability youth in Hong Kong) for the Project 3R x Exchange Market  sponsored by HSBC. The event took place at Tai Wo Hau Estate in Hong Kong which is public housing area for the lower income group. Our team spent two months in preparation and brought with an Eco Tree of Hope, filled up with FLAPPY made by mentally disability young people. This is an inspiring “Go Green” campaign collaborated by the ables and disables to promote social harmony.


Once again, our team is pushing FLAPPY workshop to the next level. “Yung” , mentally disabled attended our training sessions and turned himself to be one of our instructors for the event. His goal is to teach the public and other youth like him to build FLAPPY to join  our Tree of Hope exhibit. We are encouraged that the making of FLAPPY has uplifted the self respect of Yung and demonstrated to the community promoting recycle arts is without boundary.  The event took place on a hot sweaty day, our team was gratified that FLAPPY has spread the eco message to the public regardless of age, race, and social status. Achieving social harmony through our FLAPPY eco art will get us one step closer to "save the world together"!

 The project name is misleading.

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